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Sep 012011

If you are interested in contributing items to the AAF Collection, please keep in mind:

Free: All documents in the collection can be viewed or downloaded free of charge.

No Compensation: You will not be compensated for submitting material.

Relevance: All documents are relevant to the United States Army Air Forces during World War II, or earlier. Material about the Air Force after World War II, or other service branches, is not the focus of this website.

Copyright: Copyrighted, nongovernment-published works will not be accepted. US Government material from this era is in the public domain. Your contribution will be removed from the collection upon request of any copyright holder.

Copyright Infringement: As a contributor to the collection, you will own the copyright of any images you create. Be aware that sometimes, unscrupulous and fraudulent individuals can and do illegally copy items in the collection and sell them.

Donations: The curator does ask for a small monetary donation from those who find the website useful. These are optional donations that help cover the cost of maintaining the website itself, and not the documents it contains. The curator does not profit from your contribution.

Advertisements: As with donations, advertisements that appear on the website help in small part to defray monthly website server fees and annual domain name rental.

Processing: Items you contribute may not immediately appear in the collection. Items are not necessarily processed in the order received. This depends on the backlog of items to be processed and the curator’s schedule. Sometimes unusual or rare items may be processed before those submitted earlier.

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  2 Responses to “Contribution Caveats”

  1. Looking for grad picture of my father in the class yearbook at sioux falls technical trainging school . I have a letter from the base with a postmark 7/4/1944.Ilooked over what you have and he is not in them.

    • @quido, subscribe to update notifications to be informed whenever new material is added to the collection. On the Home page, scroll down to “Updates.”

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