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Sep 012011

If you want to contribute an item to the AAF Collection and you have a scanner connected to your computer, you can use it to scan each page of the item. If it is too large for the scanner bed, you may wish to use a digital camera instead. See How-To: Photograph Items.

Here are some recommended settings and tips if you use a scanner to scan your document.

  1. Choose the option for True Color mode.
  2. Scan at original document size (100%). Please do not enlarge or reduce the image.
  3. Choose a scan resolution of 150 dpi (dots per inch). If you are scanning photographs, consider 300 dpi unless the resulting files are too large.
  4. Use a descreen filter if you are scanning a magazine or newspaper. This eliminates the interference pattern you might see on your scanned images. Magazine descreening is typically 133 lines per inch (lpi) while newspaper descreening is 85 lpi.
  5. Scan to create a JPEG (.JPG) image file. If you can, set the JPEG quality level to 80% (better). This results in a slightly larger file, but the quality is better. An ideal format would be to create a TIFF (.TIF) image file. TIFF is a loss-less format, meaning the image can be changed and re-saved without losing image quality, as JPEG would. However TIFF files tend to be very large and the loss of quality with JPEG is not significant.
  6. Number your image files consecutively. This will help the curator create a PDF document. For example, name your files page001.jpg, page002.jpg, page003.jpg, and so on.
  7. Scan all pages of the document. Include blank pages, and even the inside cover pages, and the back cover. Pages can then be combined correctly into a PDF document and facing pages will continue to face each other, as in the original document.
  8. Try to keep the pages of the document straight and aligned consistently while scanning. This helps the curator from having to rotate each skewed image.
  9. If a page does not fit completely on your scanner, scan it in portions. The curator will either stitch the portions together to make a single page, or create several pages in place of the single large page.
  10. An excellent program to view and organize image files is XnView, available for free at www.xnview.com.

How-To: Contribute Items

How-To: Photograph Items

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