B-17 Nine-O-Nine

Sep 012011

To See Items in the Collection:

  1. Click View Items in the menu bar above.
  2. Choose an action to either List, Browse, or Search the collection:
    • List: Displays all items in the collection. For example you can list the items most recently added to the collection.
    • Browse: Displays only certain items in the collection based on the criterion you select. For example you can display items categorized under a certain topic.
    • Search: Displays the items that contain particular words or phrases.
  3. Based on the action, choose from the criteria offered. For example if you choose Browse, a list appears of the fields you can browse. Choose a field, say Topics, then choose a particular topic to browse.
  4. Click the button you will see to either Show, Browse or Search. A table will appear listing the items that match your criteria. This is only a list of items.
  5. To see more details about an item, and to view the actual item, click the item’s title or the magnifying glass (Details) icon. This displays the Item Detail page.
  6. Some items are one of a series of items having the same title. Click the View Series button to see all titles in the series. This displays the Item Series page.

To View a Document:

If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed, download it from Adobe and install it on your computer following their instructions.

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 above to pick an item to view. When you click the magnifying glass (Details) icon, the Item Detail page appears.
  2. On the Item Detail page, click on a PDF link (Click this icon to view a PDF document).
  3. The document should appear in your browser.Note: You may see a blank window until Adobe Reader loads and displays the first page. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the page may be blank for several seconds.

To Rotate a Document Page:

You can rotate a document page for better viewing. When viewing a document in your browser, look on the Adobe toolbar for a button similar to Acrobat Reader's rotate button. This button is not displayed by default. To add it, right-click the Adobe toolbar and choose “More Tools….” Then check the boxes for “Rotate Clockwise” and “Rotate Counterclockwise” under Page Display Toolbar.

If you downloaded a document and are using Adobe Reader to view it (rather than your Internet browser), use the Rotate View command under the View menu.

  2 Responses to “How-To: View Items”

  1. Hi, I am trying to locate a copy of CAVU 1943B. My dad is deceased and the copy we have for the family is very water damage and mostly unreadable. Any suggestions on where to look at a copy would be so appreciated.

    • Hi Mona, I have an electronic copy of CAVU 43-B pending. Since you asked, I will work on getting that posted in the collection soon. If you want an actual copy of the book, they sometimes come up for auction on eBay. You could also check a local library or historical society near the air field in question. Sometimes they will have a copy, or an extra copy.

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