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Aug 262012
Jack H. Gardner

Jack H. Gardner
circa 1943

There’s something new at the AAF Collection: The Jack H. Gardner Collection. Lt. Jack Gardner enlisted in the Army Air Corps in January 1940 and served until December 1945. He was in the Air Transport Command, and flew all types of aircraft, passengers and cargo throughout the United States and the Pacific Theater. He even flew several secret missions.

Lt. Gardner had a fascinating career in the Army Air Forces during World War II.  His son Bronson Gardner has scanned his father’s collection of service records and papers, and he has graciously contributed them all to the AAF Collection.

This will be an interesting study of one airman’s personal story, as told through vintage photographs, certificates, army orders and paperwork.  A few of these items are available to view now.  I will be adding more items from his collection in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, you can take advantage of the new Collections feature to view the collection.

Keep 'em Flying

Did you or a family member serve in the Army Air Forces during World War II? Please contribute your own biography, or that of a loved one, to the Keep ’em Flying memorial at the AAF Collection. Contact the curator for details.

  2 Responses to “Jack H. Gardner Collection”

  1. I just want to publically thank Mike for creating this excellent site and for creating the “Collections” segment to display my father’s story. I hope others take advantages of this new site feature. There’s a tremendous amount of “behind the scenes” work necessary for mike to bring these contributions to the web. For his time and dedication, I am truly appreciative.

    Bronson Gardner

  2. I echo my father’s sentiments. This website is a wonderful tool that will help me appreciate my grandfather even more. Thanks, Mike!

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