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Feb 052013

Bombardiers' Information File

I recently visited the United States Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin Air Force Base, near Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  On display behind glass were four training manuals.  One was the Bombardiers’ Information File, a copy of which is available to view in the AAF Collection.

Training Manuals

As shown above, the other books in this display are:  “Target: Germany, The Army Air Forces’ official story of the VIII Bomber Command’s first year over Europe” and “Aircraft Armament for Bombardiers.”  Another display showed a copy of the “Gunners’ Information File, Flexible Gunnery.”


Unfortunately the Bombardiers’ Information File is the only title available to view and download from the AAF Collection.  I hope to one day add these other titles as well.  It’s nice to know they still exist somewhere.

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  1. Thanks to contributor Darin Scorza (http://www.458bg.com/), a copy of Target: Germany is now available in the collection.

  2. A year or so ago I downloaded a collection of books that included the Classbooks from Coffeyville AAF in Coffeyville Kansas. Now they are not here anymore. I had them on a CD along with a recreation of the entire base that I painstakingly created for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 to fly training at. they CD became unusable and I had them on it as a backup if the computer crashed which it did a couple months ago. I would like to get them again if possible. Were they removed for some reason or did I find them somewhere else that is no longer on the ‘net. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  3. Thank you I will keep looking.

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