B-17 Nine-O-Nine

Feb 192017

Robert Brocklehurst

ABC News aired a story tonight about Bob Brocklehurst, a World War II fighter pilot.  Recently at age 96, he went up again in a P-51 Mustang, the same type of plane he flew in the Pacific Theater during World War II.  Interestingly, he wore a cap that indicated “41-G.”  I recognized that immediately as his graduating class number, meaning he graduated as a fighter pilot in 1941.  I found his picture in the AAF Collection in a class book from Kelly Field, near San Antonio, Texas.1

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  1. Army Air Forces Collection, “Gig Sheet, The: Class 41-G, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas” (item 000421), AAF Collection, http://AAFCollection.info/items/list.php?item=000421 (accessed 19 February 2017), page 41.
Apr 152013

CBS News 60 MinutesI enjoyed watching the recent 60 Minutes story on Marfa, Texas.1  Apparently this isolated, rural town is attracting lots of different people today.  In the story, they briefly mentioned the remnants of an old army base there.

Marfa Army Air FieldActually it was the Marfa Army Air Field, a twin-engine advanced pilot training school.  Hundreds of Army Air Force pilots earned their silver wings at Marfa.  So, the town must have been a hub of activity about 1943 before slipping back into obscurity, then rediscovery.

The AAF Collection has a few pilot class books from Marfa.


  1. CBS News, 60 Minutes, “Marfa Texas: The Capital of Quirkiness,” aired April 14, 2013.
Sep 062012
Frederic N. Hernandez

Frederic N. Hernandez
June 6, 1943

Please visit an excellent website, A Tribute to Frederic N. Hernandez, created by Michael Hernandez, the grandson of this decorated World War II Army Air Forces veteran.

2nd Lt. Hernandez served in the 10th Air Force, 7th Bombardment Group, 308th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy).  The site has many fascinating mementos and historical artifacts to see.

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Nov 282011

Carlsbad AAFI encourage you to visit the Carlsbad Army Air Field community page on Facebook.  It has a great collection of photographs and artifacts.

See it at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carlsbad-Army-Airfield/228078510552049

Oct 242011

Thieme Crew

I encourage you to visit the Gilbert Malrait and Thieme Crew memorial site at www.2ltmalrait-gilbert.net. It gives an account of a B-24 combat air crew, most of whom were killed in action on April 4, 1944. What makes this site unique is the background and personal history of each crew member. There are lots of photographs and documentation.

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