B-17 Nine-O-Nine

Sep 292012

Shack 43-16You can now browse the collection by class or unit number.  Suppose you know a relative who was in class 44-D, but you’re not sure at which air field he or she was stationed.  You can display the items associated with all classes that were numbered 44-D.  This narrows down the book in which your relative might appear.

Each of several air fields had a class 44-D, but these were all separate and unrelated class groups.  For example, class 44-D at one field may have been a primary pilot class, while at another field 44-D was an advanced pilot class.

To browse by class or unit, follow these steps.

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Sep 012011

To See Items in the Collection:

  1. Click View Items in the menu bar above.
  2. Choose an action to either List, Browse, or Search the collection: Continue reading »