B-17 Nine-O-Nine

Dec 122012

HostGatorThe AAF Collection website has switched to a different Internet hosting provider, HostGator.  This should help the availability and reliability of the site.  If you notice something that’s not quite right during this transition, please notify the curator.

Some past visitors have incorrectly shared links to the AAF Collection.  These links are usually posted on message boards, forums and blogs.  Since they were incorrectly copied, they will now result in an error message.  If so, simply click on View Items and browse for the item you want to see.

Attention contributors!  The user name and password has changed for those who want to upload contributions to the collection.  Please notify the curator to request a new user name and password.

Are you interested in starting your own website?  I recommend HostGator.  Use the special coupon code ARMYAIRFORCES for a 25% discount off your own hosting account.  You will also be helping to support this site.