Technical School
Army Air Forces Training Command, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Published: 1943

This class originated at the Steven's Hotel, Chicago, IL. During the course of the training, the school was closed and all students were transferred to Sioux Falls, SD, where the course continued and from where the students graduated.

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Item: 000013

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Added: November 28, 2006

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Radio Operator and Radio Mechanics Course, Class 52. Graduated September 22, 1943. Class pages are identified by SD7LA97148.

72 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book; 8.5 x 11 inches
Viewed: 1162 times

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[1] Sanna Gaffney (29-Aug-2008 11:11 AM)

I taught radio code there in 1943-44

[2] Win Bryson (31-Jan-2009 03:29 PM)

To help match Class 'Numbers' with 'Books', can anyone identify 'Classes & dates' beyond Class 24 (per this AFHRA Microfilm (Roll A2403) list:

class    dates,ddmmyy
-------- -------------
Class 01 091704-120942
Class 02 092442-121642
Class 03 100142-122342
Class 04 100142-123042
Class 05 101542-010643
Class 06 102242-011343
Class 07 102942-012043
Class 08 100542-012743
Class 09 111942-020343
Class 10 111942-021043
Class 11 112642-021743
Class 12 120342-022443
Class 13 121042-030343
Class 14 121742-031043
Class 15 122442-031743
Class 16 123142-032443
Class 17 010743-033143
Class 18 011443-040743
Class 19 012143-041443
Class 20 012843-042143
Class 21 020443-042843
Class 22 021143-050543
Class 23 021843-051243
Class 24 022543-051943

[3] ana wade (28-Oct-2010 03:18 PM)

My father's Graduation booklet is dated June 1944. However, the date in the Grad booklet is June 14 and it says Class 35 but his Certificate of Training reads June 19, 1944 and says Class 36. His name was Mauro Montoya. Hope this helps.

[4] Larry (17-Aug-2011 11:41 PM)

This sheds a lot of light on how radio personell were trained and what tools they ahd availbale in that time period. Really enlightning. Thanks for the great collection.

[5] jr iannacone (11-Sep-2011 02:22 AM)

My father was in training therein 1944. I would love to find a graduate manual,with his picture . His name was guido iannacone ,he died in 1954 and we have no pictures of him. He was trained as a radio gunner. I hope i have that right. thank for hearing me out.

[6] Douglas Roberts (27-Nov-2011 08:04 PM)

My father was in the graduating class 20 , March 15,1944

H.D. Roberts

[7] Bbfmckay (17-Apr-2012 11:22 PM)

Just found my grandfather's yearbook, class 15. This page was very helpful in dating the publication as I was unable to find a date within the booklet.

[8] Rick c (25-Dec-2012 05:52 PM)

Pls contact me rej remaining buildings of the base; I live in Sioux Falls and am dkoing a photo study of what is left.
IF ANYONE READING THIS CAN HELP, I would appreciate input; base hospital, radio tower, fire dept, etc.
Rick c

[9] Rick C (26-Dec-2012 02:13 PM)

Douglas Roberts says his father graduated class 20 Mar 15, 1944, yet the class list from the AFHRA microfilm indicated class 20 graduated April 21, 1943.

[10] Larry Caldwell (14-May-2013 04:44 PM)

In response to Ana Wade. I have two add'l Radio School Class books and in one there is a student identified as, 'M.A. Montoya'.

Go to the webmaster of this site and he can share my email address. Drop me a note and I can scan the photo so you can determine if this is your relative.

[11] Tony (01-Jul-2013 11:12 PM)

I recently discovered my dad's WWII AAF Tech School Class Eleven class book. Not one mark in it - great condition! Going to keep it.

[12] Gerry Hickel (24-Oct-2013 11:34 PM)

My Dad was at Sioux Falls Radio School from August 1944 to November 1944 (my best guess). I'm not sure which number class that would be but if anyone has a book or books from classes during that timeframe I would love to have them check for my Dad, Gerard Hickel. Thanks !!

[13] Gerry Hickel (28-Oct-2013 11:47 PM)

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to find out the exact dates my Father was at Sioux Falls?

[14] Troy Gilmore (09-Dec-2013 10:23 PM)

My grandfather graduated between April and July of 1943 and I'm trying to find any that he might be in.
M.E. Gilmore is the name. Can anyone help?

[15] Shelley (22-Sep-2014 12:43 AM)

I am looking for any information about my grandfather who would have been at the school in Sioux Falls between march and june of 1944 his name was James Vincent Spear. My mother never got to meet him and we know nothing about him. Please help

[16] Margo (05-Oct-2014 12:48 AM)

My dad, Henry Hausdorff, taught at the SF base first as a civilian and later as a soldier, from approx. 1942-1944. If anyone remembers having him as a teacher, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

[17] John (11-Nov-2014 08:39 PM)

Thanks for the interesting back story on the radio school at Sioux Falls. My Dad, Walter H. Tremel attended the radio school sometime during late 1944 and early 1945. He always spoke of catching pneumonia and ending up in the hospital for a week and having to start over with a new group (class). If anyone has any information they would like to share, it would be great to hear from you.

[18] Michael Tharp (28-Feb-2015 10:42 PM)

My father, Robert John Tharp, was in class 18. I have his class booklet with photos of the school and class members, etc. It is in good shape and I would love to have it added to someone's collection, if there is such a thing, rather than just tossed when I pass. Let me know if there is a place or person to whom I can send it.

[19] Elizabeth Brandt (02-Jul-2015 09:17 AM)

My dad, Vincent L. Ambrosas attended the training school in 1944. I have his book with his picture but can't identify any other details. On top of the page is B79353R. Am hoping to find any info about his service.
He was in the 376 Bomb Group, 515 Squadron in Charles Wimberly crew.

[20] Dan Ward (03-Jul-2015 06:33 PM)

I have recently restored and am flying aircraft tail number 326928, which is a 1943 L-3B. It was stationed at Sioux Falls, SD from 8 Aug 43 to Aug 44. I would be interested in knowing if anyone has a record of a relative flying that particular airplane during this time period. I will gladly share photo's if interested.

Thank You. Dan

[21] Loretto (06-Dec-2015 08:21 PM)

My father, Frank G. Thompson, attended radio school at Sioux Falls from March 28 - August 20, 1944. He was in Class 46. He mentions some of his classmates in his letters, of which we have hundreds from his time in Sioux Falls.

Michael Tharp, regarding contributing your documents, there is a program through the Library of Congress called the Veterans History Project, and they are looking for and preserving documents of any war veterans. I would contact them and see if they would like your documents. They are interested in our letters once we are ready to part with them. They only want original documents. Hope that helps.

[22] Lori Boudreau (16-Dec-2015 08:43 PM)

Sanna Gaffney: Did you know Private Quido F. Iannacone. He enlisted March 7, 1944 in New Haven Connecticut and was discharged from Bergstrom air base in Austin TX. He was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He was in the 8th Army Airforce. Oh, he was at Sioux Falls from 1944-45. I thought he was in class 52 radiomen but i did not see him in the book here on the site. I also found information saying he had Occupational skills of building of aircraft N.E.C. We were told there are no records of him except his last pay stub in 1945. If you have any information as to what class book he may have been in I would so appreciate it. We are specifically looking for a picture of him. Thank you, please email me if you have ANY information. Lori

[23] JACK Botts (19-Aug-2016 02:29 PM)

I was a radio-operator-mechanic student at Sioux Falls AAF radio school in the last half of 1943. Three shifts of students, day and night. Served later in the 15th AF in Italy in B-17s. Flew 30 missions in the 97th BG, 414th Sqdn.

[24] Mike Voisin (20-Aug-2016 09:15 AM)

Mr. Botts, thank you for your service to our country!

[25] Joe Cermak (28-Aug-2016 01:15 PM)

My brother was at the radio school in the fall/winter of 1943. He told me an incident in Dec.1943 of the plane they were training in having a problem and were forced to land at a high school sports field in the Sioux Falls area. He and the pilot were invited to the high school Christmas party (1943) and then continued back to the base when the weather improved. Can anyone in that school remember that incident?

[26] Joe Cermak (30-Aug-2016 03:38 PM)

The brother mentioned in Item 25 was T/Sgt. J.A.Cermak. He then went on to aerial gunners school in Yuma, AZ. From there he went to bomber crew (B-17) in Dyersburg, Tennisee. From there to Newport News, Va. He was then assigned to an airbase in Foggia, Italy with the 15th Army Air Force. He had more than 30 missions at the war's end in Europe. He returned to the U.S. and was discharged at Indiantown Military Reservation in PA. in OCt. or Nov of 1945.

[27] Rick C (15-Jul-2017 09:20 PM)

I live in Sioux Falls and have collected 37 of the class books like this one.
Anyone wanting me to look up a relative, send me their name, and about when they served if you know.
I will look them up , and if I have it copy the picture page and email it.
Rick Castardo, MSgt, USAF (ret)

[28] Rick (10-Aug-2017 09:48 PM)

How do you know class 52 is SD7LA97148??? I have 10 class books with similiar class numbers, but I also have books for 1,2,3,5,6,8,11,16,20,21,22,24,30 and 33 with no such number.
How do get 52 out of SD7LA97148??????

[29] Rick C (17-Aug-2017 09:24 AM)

RE: "Match the class numbers with the books"
Several sources - the best being REVELLE FOR SIOUX FALLS" by Professor Lynwood Oyos at the Augusata Univ history dept. in Sioux Falls.
He has a chapter on the commanders of the school and only one cammander was cammanding during the dates given in the microfilm above - I have books with at least 3 commanders with grad diplomas into 1944.
I will post later today names and dates..

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