Photograph, Aerial View
Sioux Falls Army Air Field, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Published: September 16, 1944

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Item: 000026

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  • Sioux Falls Army Air Field; Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA (9 items)



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Added: March 12, 2007

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Army Air Forces Collection, "Photograph, Aerial View: Sioux Falls Army Air Field, Sioux Falls, South Dakota" (item 000026), AAF Collection, (accessed 22 February 2018).

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Oblique view of the air field and technical school at Sioux Falls.

1 page; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Photo; 8.5 x 11 inches
Viewed: 1124 times

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[1] Al Lorenz (03-Aug-2008 04:25 PM)

I was elated to see the picture of the airbase, Sioux Falls Radio School. All looks familiar and brings up many memeoreis. I was in Class 42-44 Sq.207 Looking for graduation book for that class.

[2] Samuel Harris (22-Oct-2009 02:06 PM)

Graduated Dec '43. Dont recall Squad. number or class #.
I remember our daily run about 6 in AM and after Oct breathing that air with coal dust in it

[3] Win Bryson (30-Dec-2009 07:04 PM)

Al (Lorenz) and Samuel (Harris): If you know, I'd sure like to have the start and graduation dates of your Radio School Class(es). That would help make a list of the Class #s and Dates.

There's an official (microfilm) record of the 1st 24 Classes (thru May, 19, 1943), but no record of the classes after that. It would also help 'match-up' Class Books to their Classes.

Have you looked through the Class Books on this Website to see if you are in any of them?

Any info is helpful, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

[4] monica burck (27-Feb-2010 03:54 PM)

I am looking for any information about my dad. Edward Slebodnik birthdate February 16 1921. He died when he was 57 in 1979. Please if anyone has pictures of him at the army airforce technical school I would appreciate any information. I found out today from my moms brother who is retired in Flandreau S.D. that is how he came to meet my mom Frances Thompson.She died February 20th 1963 on my 11th birthday. He thinks they met at a dance. He told me that my dad was assigned to a radio technical school in Sioux Falls.

[5] Shane Carroll (28-Feb-2010 09:27 PM)

To Monica Burck
Try to write to the Public Relations officer at the current base. They have the historical info you probably need and photos.

[6] Rick C (13-Sep-2010 02:58 PM)

To all:
I have 2 yearbooks for the radio school at Sioux Falls Army Airfield.
No dates - but the class numbers are 1 and 22. I also have a graduation announcement that came with #1 - again no date, and an announcement that came with #22 "CLASS 22- MARCH 28, 1944" .
I would be more that happy to share the contents with anyone interested.
I am a retired USAF Msgt living in Sioux Falls, so if any one wants current photos of the old air field I will do it.
Let me know
Rick Castardo, Sioux Falls

[7] Rick C (13-Sep-2010 03:02 PM)

Rick again
I forgot to add that there is no Edward Slebodnik in either of my books.
Rick C

[8] Corey Thompson (30-Jan-2011 08:46 AM)

I have several pictures of young men stationed in Sioux Falls for training that my mother and friends met at dances in Sioux Falls (1942-44) and my grandmother would have them over for supper or they'd go fishing with the family on time off. My grandmother had four sons in the services during this time, far from home. One special young man was Steve Tirpak (I think that is the correct spelling not sure) that was with 554th Bomb Squadron, as they corresponded. There are some pictures of a Bob as well. Many of the young men attended dances at the Melody Hall or Arkota.

[9] Bob Hunt (31-Aug-2011 06:14 PM)

I graduated from Sioux Falls radio school, 1/21/44, Class # 11. went on to Madison, WI to Electronics School, on to Boca Raton, Fl for Radar School, APQ 13, and assigned to 9th BG, 99th Sqd, at McCook, NE as a Radar Mechanic on B-29's and on to Tinian Island, Marianas. We must of had a class picture but I never got one. Would be interesting to have one.

[10] quido iannacone (11-Sep-2011 01:47 PM)

Looking for pictures of GUIDO F. IANNACONE army air force technicalschool 1944 SIOUX FALLS.

[11] Fred Hyde (18-Aug-2012 01:48 PM)

Attended SF radio school Dec '44 thru Apr '45. Played in Sqdrn "O" dance band thru that time, Sunday afternoons at the Arkota and Saturday evenings at the Coluseum. Anybody remember those times?

[12] Michelle Cahill (27-Aug-2012 11:18 PM)

Searching for info on my uncle John (Jack) Cahill, attended Sioux Falls July 43 thru Jan 44, radio operator. He used to go into town for dances. KIA over Holland November 1944. Do you see his name in any of your info? Do you know OTU training location facility in Colorado Springs where I think he went next? Thank you.

[13] Rick (24-Dec-2012 01:04 PM)

I currently (Dec 2012) live in Sioux falls, have 7 different class books, but need dates to go with the classes. I have 2 books that the classes are not 1, 2, 3, etc, but long alphanumeric. Why are these 2 different. Thanks in advance Rick Castardo, MSgt, usaf, ret

[14] Marcia Elkins (14-Feb-2013 10:19 AM)

Foss Field photo

[15] Rick c (20-Feb-2013 08:53 PM)

Attn BOB HUNT of class 11.

Will send you scans.
Contact me at
I live in Sioux Falls and have a lot ofp questions

[16] Florence Lewis (10-Jun-2013 10:01 PM)

Seymour lefkowitz was here at radio school 1944 fromraxndolph field, Texas. Any pictures available?anyone remember SAMs diner?

[17] Florence lewis (12-Jun-2013 01:38 PM)

Error. No SAMs diner here

[18] Harry Guinther (22-Aug-2013 01:07 PM)

I graduated just before Thanksgiving 1942. I fondly remember the welcoming and thoughtful people in this wonderful town. I went on to fly 55 missions out of England in a B-26 and became a POW after being shot down over Paris just before the invasion. I don't believe I ever got a class picture. I remember all the hunters in town went pheasant hunting and brought all their kills to the base enlisted men's mess for dinner. I'm 90 years old now, but still have fond memories of Sioux Falls!

[19] Jerry Lloyd (08-Nov-2014 12:23 AM)

My dad ( John K. Lloyd), was instructor at Sioux Falls radio school in 1944. Sent to India Dec 1944 and served as radio operator on c-54s. He died when I was 17 so getting any info on him has been tough. Looking for ANY info or someone that knew him. THANKS
my email

[20] John Rees (13-Apr-2015 01:25 PM)

Could Bob Hunt contact me re Sioux Falls and Boca Raton (H2X etc). I have a particular interest in the establishments and US 2nd Lt Francis I Kunze (GA) who followed a similar career path.

[21] John Rees (13-Apr-2015 01:28 PM)

Could Rick c also contact me re Sioux Falls at
I have a particular interest in 2nd Lt Francis I Kunze (GA) who passed through. Many thanks

[22] GREG RICH (18-Nov-2015 09:24 AM)

My family bought 16 of the barracks buildings when it closed and used them yo build Rich Brothers Fireworks on Marion Road. My Dad and his brothers all used them (remodeled!) to build their houses. It was said I grew up in a latrine! They also moved several to Yankton.

[23] Jessica Burdick (12-Dec-2015 06:39 PM)

Hello I am searching for the Sioux Falls training year book of 1944. My grandfathers father was stationed there. His military photo was lost in a fire and we have no pictures of him. Any help would be amazing. His name is Guido Iannacone. Thank you so much

[24] Jessica Burdick (12-Dec-2015 06:42 PM)

Forgot my email is

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