Pilot's Flight Log
Flight Log of Jack H. Gardner, Book 1

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Published: January 26, 1942

This log covers Lt. Gardner's career from primary, basic and transition training to ferrying aircraft across the United States.

On page 80 he writes about his death-defying experience on May 14, 1942. During a routine training mission, he put his aircraft into a spin as instructed. The instructor was unable to recover the aircraft and bailed out, unbeknownst to cadet Gardner. Once cadet Gardner realized the instructor had bailed out, he was able to recover from the dive and land safely while his instructor floated to the ground.

See related items below for cadet Gardner's letter to his parents describing the event in more detail.

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Special Features:

  • Annotated - Includes handwritten notes or descriptions (63 items)


  • Curtis Field; Brady, Texas, USA (27 items)
  • Brayton Flying Service; Cuero, Texas, USA (7 items)
  • Lubbock Army Air Field; Lubbock, Texas, USA (19 items)



  • Private Collection

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Added: August 26, 2012

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Pilot flight log of Lt. Jack H. Gardner.

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