Class 44-08, Ellington Field, Ellington, Texas, Volume 01, Number 09

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Published: circa June 1944

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Item: 000459

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Special Features:

  • History of Class - Includes a class narrative or history (81 items)
  • Hometowns - Includes cadets' hometowns (452 items)


  • Ellington Field; Ellington, Texas, USA (25 items)



  • Private Collection

This is one of 3 items in the Astro-dome series.

Added: March 02, 2015

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Army Air Forces Collection, "Astro-dome: Class 44-08, Ellington Field, Ellington, Texas, Volume 01, Number 09" (item 000459), AAF Collection, (accessed 23 January 2018).

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Class book for navigator class 44-8 at Ellington Field, Ellington, Texas.

36 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book
Resolution: 100 dpi
Quality: 70%
Viewed: 63 times

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[1] Brian H (03-Mar-2015 09:55 PM)

The title caught my eye. In 1944 there was no space race, NASA was not in any bodies mind much less a government organization. The Astrodome stadium was beyond any engineering feat possible for decades to come. Probable another 15-20 years before Houston would be awarded the Johnson Space center.
So is it possible that, this reference to the astrological dome (night sky)the navigators use to navigate around, is the genesis for all that came to Houston in the '60s and '70s? Just a thought. I mean if this book was from a field in Colorado, it would not have the same impact of chin stroking as it does from the airfield just 15 miles from all things Astro in Houston.

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