Pilot's Manual for Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

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Published: circa 1944

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Added: November 10, 2013

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Army Air Forces Collection, "Pilot's Manual for Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress" (item 000464), AAF Collection, (accessed 23 February 2018).

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Pilot's manual for the B-17F and B-17G Flying Fortress.

Section 1: Description

Airplane; B-17F and B-17G; Power Plant; Wright R-1820-97; Turbosuperchargers; General Electric B-2; Propellers; Automatic Engine Control; Hydraulic System; Fuel System; Oil System; Electrical System; Heating; Vacuum and De-icing System; Oxygen System; Communication Equipment.

Section 2: Pilot's Operating Instructions

Restrictions; Operational Equipment; Control Panel; Checklists.

Section 3: Emergency Instructions

Hand cranks; Emergency Operation of Landing Gear; Emergency Operation of Tail Wheel; Emergency Operation of Bomb Bay Doors; Emergency Bomb Release; Fire in Flight; Emergency Brake Operation; Warning Signals; First Aid Kits; Abandoning Airplane in Flight; Forced Descent at Sea; Emergency Operation of Radio Equipment.

Section 4: Bombardier's Compartment

Bomb Controls; Bomb Release Sequence Diagrams; Maximum Airplane Glide and Climb Angles for Bomb Release; 1100 pound M-33; 300 pound MK.I MK.IMI; 100 pound M-38A2; 100 pound M-30; 2000 pound M-34; 600 pound M-32; 600 pound MK.IMI MK.IMII; 300 pound M-31; 100 pound MK.I MK.IMI MK.IMII 500 pound M-43; 1100 pound MK. III; 1600 pound MK. III; 1000 pound M-44; 100 pound M-39; Bombardier's Guns; Interphone; Oxygen; Bomb-sight Window Defroster; Windshield Wiper and Anti-icer; Bomb-sight Heating Pad.

Section 5: Navigator's Compartment

Lighting; Fire Extinguisher; Interphone; Oxygen; Heating and Ventilating Inlet; Drift Meter Master Switch; Radio Compass Receiver; Aperiodic Compass.

Section 6: Upper Turret

General; Preflight Check; Adjacent Equipment.

Section 7: Bomb Bay

Lighting; Oxygen; Emergency Equipment; Bomb Rack Selector Switches; Hand Transfer or Refueling Pump; Auxiliary Wing Fuel Cell Shut-off Valves; Relief Tube.

Section 8: Radio Compartment

Lighting; Emergency Equipment; Oxygen Controls; Heating and Ventilating Inlet; Interphone Controls; Communications Equipment; SCR-274-N Command Set; SCR-287-A Liaison Set; SCR-269-G Radio Compass Set; RC-36 Interphone Equipment; RC-43 Marker Beacon Equipment; SCR-518-A Radio Altimeter; SCR-535-A IFF Radio Set; Frequency Meter; Radio Compartment Gun; Camera Pit; Type T-3A Installation; Type K-3B Installation; Type K-7C Installation.

Section 9: Ball Turret

General; Entering the Turret; Preflight Check; Operation; Interphone; Suit Heater; Oxygen; Adjacent Equipment.

Section 10: Side Gunner's Compartment

Lighting; Interphone Controls; Suit Heater Outlet; Oxygen; Emergency Equipment; Gun Operation.

Section 11: Tail Gunner's Compartment

Entrance; Lighting; Interphone; Oxygen; Suit Heater Outlet.

78 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book
Resolution: 100 dpi
Quality: 70%
Viewed: 1128 times


Appendices. AN 01-20EF-1.

Appendix 1: USA - British Glossary of Nomenclature

Appendix 2: Flight Operation Data

Specific Engine Flight Chart; Take-off, Climb and Landing Chart; Flight Operation Chart (with and without external load); Flight Operation Chart with one propeller feathered; Engine Flight Calibration Curve; Loading Chart; Take-off Control Chart; Climb Control Chart; Composit Cruising Control Chart; Tactical Range Charts; Ferry Range Charts; Long Range Cruise Control Charts; Fuel Temperature Correction Curve; Fuel Consumption Curve.

30 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book
Resolution: 100 dpi
Quality: 70%
Viewed: 114 times


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