World War II Pilot Authors Book Fair
Sequoia Field and Rankin Field 60th Anniversary Celebration

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Published: Tulare County Museum, Mooney Grove Park, Visalia, California, September 30, 2001

This work includes biographies of the following pilots:

Bruce Baird, Sequoia 44-F
Edwin C. Baquet, Rankin 43-K
Walt Bohrer, Rankin
Richard Ira Bong, Rankin 42-A, Ace, Medal of Honor recipient
Drake R. Bradley, Rankin 43-E
Dale W. Brink, Rankin 44-H
David C. Burton, Rankin 43-D
William Capron, Sequoia 44-B
William F. Clutterham, Sequoia 44-E
Robert E. Davis, Sequoia 44-E
William Ralph Dewey, Jr., Sequoia 43-J
Abel L. Dolim, Sequoia 43-G
Marge Bong Drucker
Charles V. Duncan, Rankin 42-F
Basil Ralph Dundas, Jr., Sequoia 44-C
Frank Eng, III, Sequoia 43-I
Thomas K. Follis, Sequoia 44-G
Robert M. Freeborn, Rankin 44-I
Roy Lee Grover, Sequoia 42-E
Clinton A. Gruber, Sequoia 43-C
Robert S. "Moe" Hamill, Rankin 42-G
Harold T. Harper, Sequoia 42-E
Herbert B. Hatch, Sequoia 43-K
David K. Hayward, Rankin 42-J
Maurice O. Holman, Sequoia 44-C
E. C. Larson, Sequoia 44-D
S. B. Lutz, Sequoia 44-D
John D. Mullins, Sequoia 43-K
Frank S. "Scott" Payne, Rankin 44-E
George Perry, Sequoia 42-D
P. S. Royer, Sequoia 42-G
Jack L. Schofield, Sequoia 44-F
Maurice E. Smith, Rankin 43-F
R. N. Smith, Rankin 43-C
William P. Smith, Sequoia 43-K
Edward J. Spevak, Sequoia 42-I
Lester Stilwell, Sequoia 43-B
Victor Tatelman, Sequoia 42-F
Donald E. Thompson, Sequoia 44-G
D. L. Weide or Waide, Rankin 44-D
Melbourn J. "Mike" Wilson, Sequoia 43-F

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Item: 000060

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Special Features:

  • Biographies - Includes biographies of some cadets or officers (101 items)
  • History of Base - Includes a history of the base or facility (173 items)


  • Rankin Aeronautical Academy; Tulare, California, USA (20 items)
  • Sequoia Army Air Field; Visalia, California, USA (10 items)



Added: March 31, 2008

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Army Air Forces Collection, "World War II Pilot Authors Book Fair: Sequoia Field and Rankin Field 60th Anniversary Celebration" (item 000060), AAF Collection, (accessed 21 February 2018).

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Biographies of World War II pilots trained at Sequoia Field or Rankin Field, who authored books.

48 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book; 8.5 x 11 inches
Resolution: 100 dpi
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Viewed: 579 times

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[1] David Gunn (07-Mar-2009 04:43 AM)

I was in Class 43-H at Rankin Academy in February, 1943, to early April, 1943. My Instructor was Mr. Linden, I was sent to Basic Training at Merced Army Air Base until the end of June and then to Yuma Army Air Base where I graduated and received my commission on 30 August, 1943. From there I was sent to Mather Field for transition training in B-25s, completing that portion of my training in November. I stayed at Mather as an instructor until late December.

During that time, I flew some training missions with the first Tuskegee Airmen to be trained in B-25s. These men were to be the instructors for the first black B-25 pilots to make up the all black composite wing.

In late December I was transfered to Columbia, S. C., and soon transfered to Greenville, S. C. where I was assigned a crew for Replacement Training. In June, 1944, I flew a new B-25J from Savannah to California and eventually to Townsville, Australia, and Port Moresby, New Guinea. We were assigned to the 38th Bomb Group. I flew 32 missions, most of them minimum altitude bombing and strafing missions in B-25s with 12 forward firing .50 cal. machine guns in the nose from New Guinea to Formosa. I spent 48 hours on a swampy island near Tarakan, Borneo, and was recued by a PBY Air Sea Rescue plane on 1 January, 1945. I returned from the Phlippines in April, 1945, and was transfered to inactive duty in July and released in September, 1945.

[2] Emily Burrows Lloyd E Dickerson (02-May-2010 08:28 PM)

Looking for information, pictures or people who knew my Grandfather, Lloyd Eugene Dickerson 1Lt. He graduated in Yuma, AZ in Class 43-H on 08/13/1943. Flew A-20K. KIA 03/06/1945. Stationed 410BG Juvincourt France, Gosfield England. Was instructed by Lt G.W. Driscoll & Brimhall. Please be in touch with any information or ideas of information.
Thank you,
Emily Burrows (Lloyd E Dickerson)

[3] David Gunn (03-Feb-2013 11:50 PM)

I was also in Class 43-H at Yuma. I went on to fly B-25Js for minimum altitude bombing and strafing missions with the 38th Bomb Group in the Southwest Pacific until I came home from the Philippines in April 1945, just before Germany folded up. The temperature never dropped below 85 degrees at Yuma that summer and the thermometers in the planes on the tarmac were over to their highest mark by 10 in the morning.

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