Childress Army Air Field
Class 43-10, 43-11, 43-14, 43-15, and 43-16, Childress Army Air Field, Childress, Texas

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Published: Army and Navy Publishing Company of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 16, 1943

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Item: 000072

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Class/Unit Number:

  • 1097th Guard: 1097th Guard Squadron (2 items)
  • 1108th Maintenance: 1108th First Maintenance Squadron (1 item)
  • 2052nd Ordnance: 2052nd Ordnance Company (6 items)
  • 325th Band: 325th Army Air Forces Band (1 item)
  • 331st Aviation: 331st Aviation Squadron (1 item)
  • 43-10: Class 43-10 (6 items)
  • 43-11: Class 43-11 (7 items)
  • 43-14: Class 43-14 (7 items)
  • 43-15: Class 43-15 (5 items)
  • 43-16: Class 43-16 (9 items)
  • 457th HQ: 457th Base Headquarters (1 item)
  • 488th BTG: 488th Bombardier Training Group (1 item)
  • 80th BTG: 80th Bombardier Training Group (1 item)
  • 857th Signal: 857th Signal Company (5 items)
  • 908th Quartermaster: 908th Quartermaster Company (17 items)

Special Features:

  • History of Base - Includes a history of the base or facility (173 items)


  • Childress Army Air Field; Childress, Texas, USA (17 items)



  • Private Collection

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    Class 145, Childress Army Air Field, Childress, Texas
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Added: May 18, 2008

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Army Air Forces Collection, "Childress Army Air Field: Class 43-10, 43-11, 43-14, 43-15, and 43-16, Childress Army Air Field, Childress, Texas" (item 000072), AAF Collection, (accessed 23 February 2018).

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Year book for Childress Army Air Field, Childress, Texas.

121 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book; 9 x 12 inches
Resolution: 100 dpi
Quality: 75%
Viewed: 849 times

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Comments (Add a Comment)

[1] Craig Stewart (06-Nov-2009 09:07 PM)

I just came across my dad's yearbook for 44-8 (squadron 1, squadron 5 (my dad's) If you would like to borrow it to add to your archives feel free to contact me.

[2] Georgeann Johnston (27-Sep-2011 06:45 PM)

Does it have a name index? I am searching for my dad's info from the AAC. He graduated from airplane mechanics school Nov 1943, Keesler, Biloxi MS.

[3] Mike Voisin (27-Sep-2011 06:57 PM)

@Georgeann, generally most class books do not have an index. However, the cadets are usually listed in alphabetical order because that's how they were assigned to each squadron. If your dad graduated from a school near Biloxi, you'll have to search class books from that school.

[4] Beverly Klitsch (10-Nov-2011 04:40 PM)

I don't know if this is correct place to go - I googled army airforce class 10-43. I have a list of "name and Home Adddress of Classs 10-43" which is typed. It was in with my father's WW11 items. He was a propellor mechanic stationed in Maine and in Bermuda. Would this list be of interest somewhre?
Thank you.

[5] Mike Voisin (11-Nov-2011 07:50 AM)

@Beverly, if you will send me a scanned copy of the list, I will try to match it with the correct air base. Many different bases used the same class numbers, like 43-10. My e-mail address is:

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