Gig Sheet, The
Class 41-F, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas

This book belonged to Lt. Donald O. Lundberg, pictured on page 50. His class graduated just three months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Sadly, Lt. Lundberg marked thirteen of his classmates who were killed in the months following graduation. Four of them were killed December 7, 1941 in Hawaii.




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Class book for advanced pilot class 41-F at Kelly Field, near San Antonio, Texas.

72 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book
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[1] johan kuiper (05-Mar-2017 01:32 PM)

Hi all , as a researcher of the crash of the B-24 "Sack-time Sally " ( november 26 , 1943 ) , I can inform you that co-pilot Captain Dean Dalton was killed in action on that crash . He was a Cadet of Class 41-F .
Captain Dalton's body still rest in the Netherlands at the Cemetery of Margraten .

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