Eagle Pass Army Air Field
Class 43-F and 43-G, Eagle Pass Army Air Field, Eagle Pass, Texas




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Added: December 06, 2013

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Class book for advanced pilot classes 43-F and 43-G at the Eagle Pass Army Air Field, Eagle Pass, Texas. Army Air Forces Advanced Flying School (Single Engine).

This item excludes those pages common to all publications in the "Wings Over America" series.

77 pages; PDF (.pdf)
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Pages common to all publications in the "Wings Over America" series.

24 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book
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[1] Kenneth Hendrix (15-Apr-2016 08:05 PM)

My Dad, Sergeant James R. Hendrix, from Oklahoma by way of Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas, was a mechanic at EPAAF during this period. My Mom, soon to be 95, was scheduled to return to Brooke Army Hospital, Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio for my delivery but I decided on a surprise arrival and was delivered at the EPAAF Dispensary where my Mom says I was a hit with the other inpatients. That was 21 April 1943.

[2] Kenneth Hendrix (15-Apr-2016 09:09 PM)

This book brings to mind several storiehttp://aafcollection.info/images/icon-nospam.pngs of family folklore and raises questions for speculation.
A member of the 1046th Guard Squadron may have welcomed the Army ambulance bringing my soon to be Mom to the Field from town. As proper in wartime security, he asked for her pass to which the Ambulance driver reportedly replied, "Pass hell, she's having a baby!"

[3] Kenneth Hendrix (15-Apr-2016 09:17 PM)

There were some accidental insertions in the previous comment. My Dad, a Staff Sergeant, is in the fourth row of page 84. His good friend, who I knew as a family friend in later years, Fred Henexson is in the fourth row of page 85.
Things were rough at this wartime air field which was not equipped for birthing babies. I wasn't weighed until several days later at home on scales borrowed from the vegetable market.

[4] Kenneth Hendrix (15-Apr-2016 09:29 PM)

The episode in February 1943 of the just graduated pilots flying over a group of spectators and firing their machine guns at simulated enemy targets angered my Dad every time he recounted it. He said a slight change in the pitch of the planes could have caused the bullets to hit the crowd.

[5] Kenneth Hendrix (15-Apr-2016 09:38 PM)

Could 2LT Jess H. Hendrix, Commanding Officer, 908th Quartermaster Company be related? I doubt it, my parents never mentioned him but I am curious.

[6] Kenneth Hendrix (15-Apr-2016 09:46 PM)

I wonder which members of the Detachment Medical Department attended to my Mom and me as we recovered from my surprise landing in the Field dispensary?

[7] Kenneth Hendrix (15-Apr-2016 10:07 PM)

My Dad was later deployed to the Pacific Theater where he participated in several campaigns in the Phillippines and Okinawa. I later visited the Philippines on R&R from Vietnam. Assigned to the 25th Infantry Division Artillery for 18 months as an assistant operations officer and Aerial Observer, I earned four Air Medals for operations as a crew member. After 20 years active and reserve duty, I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

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