Gig Sheet, The
Class 43-E, Pampa Army Flying School, Pampa, Texas




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Added: June 24, 2008

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Class book for pilot class 43-E at Pampa Army Flying School, Pampa, Texas.

82 pages; PDF (.pdf)
Original item: Book
Resolution: 100 dpi
Quality: 75%


[1] daniel jones (09-Sep-2009 09:19 PM)

i was wondering the value of such books i have in ex cond a gig sheet pampa 44-f

[2] Jimmie Berry (30-Oct-2010 10:36 AM)

I'm so excited to find this class book for 43-E because it has my husband's photo in it. I would love to find an old copy of the book to buy for him but as I doubt I'll ever be able to locate one the next best thing is to print it out for him. What a surprise he will have from Santa this year. We will have so much fun looking through it and talking about his advantures there. Thank you for making this book available. My very best regards, Mrs. Lawrence Berry, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

[3] Janet McMonagle (04-Jul-2011 01:18 PM)

Very happy to find this, as my dad James McMonagle was part of this group and NEVER talked about WWII. I knew he had been part of a group at Pampa, but had no idea what kind of training he was involved in. He died young, when he was 43, so for me it is a real puzzle to put his history together. Thanks.

[4] Carl L Kahn (13-Oct-2012 02:21 PM)

Dear Mrs Berry. I am a surviving pilot, but from the class of 43J at Pampa, TX' I have been trying to locate some members of my year, but if any they are as old as me at 93.
I put in 30 years between the active and reserve and retired a Lt. Col. Sorry I don't have his year book, but still have mine. Love to hear from you.
Carl L> Kahn

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