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Radio Compass Field Finder

Use this to locate Army Air Fields associated with items in the AAF Collection. Discover which air fields were near a particular city, or in a particular state, or that had a particular type of training program.

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Select one of the following criteria.
Locations will appear in Step 2.

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Step 2 Results

Click on a location to view associated items in
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Key: Region or Country; State; City; Air Field


For reference, the stages of training for pilots, navigators and bombardiers were:

Pre-flight Primary Flight Basic Flight Advanced Flight Transition
Pre-flight Gunnery Navigator Transition
Pre-flight Gunnery Bombardier Transition

In Step 1, you can only select options associated with items available in the AAF Collection. For example if you do not see a particular state listed, it means there are no items associated with that state in the collection.

When choosing a type of training program, not all air fields are categorized yet. For example if you are looking for primary flight schools, a particular school will not be listed if its type is not yet determined, even though it actually was a primary flight school.

Some air fields had more than one type of training, like both basic flight and advanced flight schools. Some fields changed their training programs, switching from one type to another.

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