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Felts Field; Spokane, Washington, USA

Fort George Wright; Spokane, Washington, USA

Geiger Field; Spokane, Washington, USA

Bombsight, The Click for Details
Monthly Periodical for Geiger Field, Felts Field, and Fort George Wright, Spokane, Washington

Monthly magazine for the Second Air Force stationed at Geiger Field, Felts Field and Fort George Wright, Spokane, Washington. Volume 1, Number 3.


Augusta, Georgia, USA

Turner Field; Albany, Georgia, USA

Tyndall Field; Panama City, Florida, USA

Flexible Gunnery School; Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Lowry Army Air Field; Denver, Colorado, USA

Buckley Field; Denver, Colorado, USA

Victorville Army Air Field; Victorville, California, USA

March Field; Riverside, California, USA

Hammer Field; Fresno, California, USA

Basic Training Center #8; Fresno, California, USA

Williams Field; Mesa, Arizona, USA

Maxwell Field; Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Napier Field; Dothan, Alabama, USA

Scott Field; Belleville, Illinois, USA

Chanute Field; Rantoul, Illinois, USA

Columbus Army Flying School; Columbus, Mississippi, USA

Jefferson Barracks; Lemay, Missouri, USA

San Marcos Army Air Field; San Marcos, Texas, USA

Geiger Field; Spokane, Washington, USA

Postcard Collection Click for Details
Various Army Air Fields

A collection of vintage postcards featuring air fields and training centers throughout the country.

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