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United States

Airways Flying Click for Details
A Handbook for Military Pilots

A pamphlet for military pilots flying domestic airways.


United States

Army Air Forces Posters Click for Details
Selected World War II Posters

Selected World War II era posters related to the US Army Air Forces available at the National Archives and Records Administration.


United States

England; UK

Moore Field; Mission, Texas, USA

Goodfellow Field; San Angelo, Texas, USA

Garner Field, Hangar Six, Inc.; Uvalde, Texas, USA

Estate of Leonard B. Fuller Click for Details
Collection of Lt. Leonard B. Fuller

Letter and photographs from the estate of 1/Lt. Leonard B. Fuller, 355th Fighter Group, 357th Fighter Squadron, based at Steeple Morden, England. Killed in action July 7, 1944.


United States

Instructions, Mask, Oxygen Demand, Type A-14 Click for Details

Instruction sheet for the Type A-14 Demand Oxygen Mask.


United States

Jack H. Gardner Collection Click for Details
Discharge Documents

Certificates, orders and discharge records from the collection of Lieutenant Jack H. Gardner.


United States

Jack H. Gardner Collection Click for Details
Promotions and Awards

Certificates, promotions, ribbons and medals from the collection of Lieutenant Jack H. Gardner.


United States

Lowry Army Air Field; Denver, Colorado, USA

Curtis Field; Brady, Texas, USA

Lubbock Army Air Field; Lubbock, Texas, USA

Homestead Army Air Field; Homestead, Florida, USA

Jack H. Gardner Collection Click for Details
Training Documents

Certificates, diplomas, examinations and training records from the collection of Lieutenant Jack H. Gardner.


United States

Hondo Army Air Field; Hondo, Texas, USA

Log Of Aviation Click for Details
Volume 01, Number 10, September 1943

Monthly magazine for personnel training as aircrew members.


United States


Ellington Field; Ellington, Texas, USA

Log Of Navigation Click for Details
Volume 03, Number 04, April 1945

Monthly magazine for navigators and aircrew members.


United States

Master Pilot Log Click for Details
Flight Log of Jack H. Gardner, Book 2

Pilot flight log of Jack H. Gardner.


United States

Station List Click for Details
Gulf Coast Army Air Forces Training Center, Randolph Field, Texas

List of Army Air Forces air bases and training facilities throughout the United States. Includes location, specialization (e.g., primary, advanced, bombardier), assigned units, planned student count.


United States

Fort Worth Army Air Field; Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Wings for Combat Click for Details
The Story of the Army Air Forces Training Command

Pictorial of the Army Air Forces Training Command.

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