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Viewing 4 items with the class or unit number 42-J
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Beam Click for Details
Class 42-J, Chico Army Flying School, Chico, California

Class book for basic flying school class 42-J at the Chico Army Flying School near Chico, California.



CAVU Click for Details
Class 42-J, Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, Texas

Class book for basic pilot class 42-J at Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, Texas. Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited (CAVU).



Moore Field Click for Details
Class 42-J, Moore Field, Mission, Texas

Class book for advance pilot class 42-J at Moore Field, Mission, Texas.



Wilco Click for Details
Class 42-J, Waco Army Flying School, Waco, Texas

Class book for basic pilot class 42-J at Waco Army Air Field, Waco, Texas.

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