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Gunnery Training

Kingman Army Air Field

Kingman Airport, formerly Kingman Army Air Field, is located 9 miles northeast of Kingman, Arizona. The Kingman Ground to Ground Gunnery Range and the Kingman Air to Air Gunnery Range was located 6 miles north of Kingman, Arizona. They extended northward 31 miles along the Hualapai Valley.

Source: Location and map from Wikipedia contributors, "Kingman Airport (Arizona)," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed January 29, 2014).

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Kingman Army Air Field; Kingman, Arizona, USA

Bendix Chin Turret Click for Details

This booklet describes the Bendix chin turret model "D."


Kingman Army Air Field; Kingman, Arizona, USA

Kingman Army Air Field Click for Details
A Trip Through Kingman Army Air Field, Kingman, Arizona

A picture book of base activities.


Kingman Army Air Field; Kingman, Arizona, USA

Postcards Click for Details
Kingman Army Air Field, Kingman, Arizona

Postcards show target practice with shotguns and machine guns.

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