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Sep 012011

I hope you will consider contributing items to the AAF Collection. It is a great way to share historical and educational information about the Army Air Forces during World War II.

Contributing an item is fairly easy.  The hardest part is creating an electronic, or digital, copy of your item.  Whether it is a book, magazine, newspaper, document, postcard or photograph, you must be able to create an image of each page of the item.  You can do this using a scanner, or a digital camera.

First, please ensure the item is in your physical possession.  The curator cannot add electronic copies of items you obtained from other sources and websites. If you find such items and feel they should also be in the AAF Collection, please notify the curator, who will create a link to the original website.

Second, check that your item is not already in the collection.  Click the View Items button and choose to List Items by Item Title.  Or, if you know the air field, or the unit or class number, you can Browse the Collection for that information.  If you find a similar item, but the class or unit number is different, be sure to check for other items in the same series.  There will be a link to view the series if available.

Third, check for pending items in the collection. The item may have already been contributed, but it’s not yet available to view.  Click the View Items button and choose Summarize by Pending Items.  (Or, click here.)

If you find that your item is already in the collection, you may still wish to contribute it.  If your copy is of better quality, or it is different in some way, then it may be worth your effort to submit it.  For instance your copy might have signatures or interesting annotations not in the current copy.

Finally, you should be aware of some caveats.  Basically, you won’t be paid for your contribution and it will be available free to anyone who visits the AAF Collection website.  See Contribution Caveats for details.

Once you have the image files, upload them to the AAF Collection website.  The curator will take your image files and create a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and post it on the website for everyone to view.

For help on scanning an item, see How-To: Scan Items.

For help on photographing an item, see How-To: Photograph Items.

To upload your image files, see How-To: Upload Items.

Note:  If you have specific items you would like to donate, please contact me directly at curator@aafcollection.info.  Although this blog entry was posted years ago, the information is still up to date.

  24 Responses to “How-To: Contribute Items”

  1. how do i make a money contibution?

    • @quido, if you would like to make a monetary donation to help with the cost of maintaining this website, there are PayPal buttons on the Home page, at the bottom of the page. (Click the “Home” button on the menu bar above.)

  2. I have a good copy of the Third Addiversary Edition of the Rank n’ File, featuring the graduation class of 44H.

    Can you use this publication, and if so, where can I mail it.


    David Hillman

    A Native Tularean.

  3. Hello Mike. I just discovered your website here. What motivated you to create it? I recently went through boxes of my deceased father’s things and found a bunch of his AAC memorabilia. I have several items that I do not believe exist on your list: “A Camera Trip Through Army Air Forces Navigation School at Hondo, Texas”, “A Camera Trip Through Ellington Field”, “Polaris Vol 1 No 2”, “Together We Fly”, “Official Song of the United States Army Air Corps”(words and music by Capt. Robert Crawford…’Off we go, into the wild blue yonder…’), and “Your Life and Training as an Aviation Cadet in the San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center”.

    These items are in excellent condition. I have no way of scanning them to you. If you want them, I will mail them to you rather than throw them away or give them to some antique dealer who won’t care about them. Let me know an address to which to send them, or let me know if you don’t want them.


    • Hi Jeff,

      It sounds like you have some great items. I’m sure many people will be interested in seeing them. If you want to contribute, I will gladly scan and add them to the site for everyone to see. I will contact you directly with the details.

      After I post them, I always donate items I acquire to a local veteran’s museum, which has an extensive library. So they will be around after we’re gone.

  4. Hello Mike,
    I have been a long time fan of your site. Lots of fantastic material here!! I am long past due in making a contribution. I have a very good copy of Target: Germany already in pdf format. I am not sure if uploading is the same. It’s a 30MB file. How can I get this to you?



  5. Hello Mike,
    I have a yearbook that belonged to my father-in-law. The front cover says: Greenville Army Flying School – Southeast Army Air Forces Training School – 1942
    If you are interested I will try to scan it and send it to you.

    Bob Bastien

  6. Hi Mike

    I have enjoyed some of the treasures on this site and would like to give back. I have some items I have gathered (and are in my possession) from my research into the B-25s of the MTO that I have archived in PDF that I would like to contribute. I can Dropbox them to you or if you like upload them to your FTP.


    Mike Laney

  7. Hi Mike,
    The last posts I see are 2011, with that said. I have a number of items that may be of interest to you. Example: Year Book for – Army Air Force 53rd Flying Training Detachment Southeast Training Center, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia Fla.
    Dedicated to Class 44-A August 1943
    Photos include 1. Officer Personnel 2. Group photos of the 6 Squadrons of Cadets, 3. 2- groups of Flight Instructors Squadrons 1-2-3 and Squadrons 4-5-6

    I doesn’t appear you have this one – if you can advise, I have taken photos of each page.
    and you would like to add to your collection – I would be happy to forward.

    • Hi Ben,

      Yes, the original blog posts are getting on in years, but the process for contributing items has not changed. If you have items to contribute, it’s best to contact me directly via e-mail at curator@aafcollection.info to make arrangements. Since you left your e-mail address with your comment, I will contact you directly. Thanks!

  8. Not looking to donate a item, rather obtain a Item for a new museum. I am the Military Historian for the American Ideals Foundation and we are on the verge of restoring the old Carlstrom AAF in Arcadia Florida. We plane on restoring the mess hall, the Rec Building. the Administration Building and two off the original hanger’s.. There will be more then one style of museum. One will be only for Combat art work.. The tower is gone, but we have photos and intend to rebuild it.

    • What particularly are you looking for? I have material that may be of interest, but would consider “on loan” over donated.

      I am in FL, by the way.


  9. Hi, Mike. I was going through some of father’s things recently and discovered 3 copies of the TAC newspaper from the AAF Tactical Center, Orlando. One is the VE Day issue , the second was the report of FDR’s death and the last from 24 Feb 1945. I ran across your site trying to find a home for them. I don’t have the means to scan them but thought you might be interested in me sending them to you. Please advise.


  10. I have (my father’s) 460TH Bomb Group publication from 1946. It is the Pictorial Highlights. It is hardbound much like a yearbook.

    I also have the graduation program and class list for the Hobbs, NM bombardier school . It was the only class at that facility.

    I have many photos as well. To contribute in pdf format would be easier for me than sending images of any type.


  11. Have items from Carlsbad Army Airfield that I have collected over the years. Where can I take them to donate? I am in Carlsbad NM .

  12. MJB,
    Just discovered your site! Wondering if you are still active and taking new additions. Reason I ask is there are no blog entries since 2015. I have a number of WW2 era publications (graduation books, newsletters, etc.) from Army Airfields in New Mexico that I would be glad to add to your files.

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