B-17 Nine-O-Nine

Nov 102013

us-gbHere’s an interesting look at the different terminology used by American and British airmen. This table was adapted from an appendix to the Pilot’s Manual for Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.  I can imagine the use of the wrong word to the wrong person might result in injuries.

American Term British Term
Accumulator (hydraulic) (not a battery)
Airfield Aerodrome
Battery (electrical) Electrical accumulator
Bombardier Bomb aimer
Ceiling Cloud height
Check valve (hydraulic) Non-return valve
Copilot Second pilot
Cylinder (hydraulic) Jack
Dump valve Jettison valve
Empennage Tail Unit
Flight indicator Artificial horizon
Gasoline Petrol
Glass, bulletproof Armour glass
Gross weight Earth
Gyro horizon Artificial horizon
Gyro pilot Automatic pilot
to Land to Alight
Lean Weak
Left Port
to Level off to Flatten out
Line, mooring Mooring guy
Manifold pressure Boost
Mast, radio Rod serial
Overload Non-standard load
Panel, outboard Outer plane
Reticle (gun sight) Graticle
Screen Filter
Set, command Pilot controller set
Set, liaison General purpose set
Airplane Aircraft
Speed, indicated air Air-speed-indicator reading
Stabilizer, horizontal Tail plane
Stabilizer, vertical Fin
Stack Manifold (inlet or exhaust)
Tachometer Engine speed indicator
Tube (radio) Valve
Turn indicator Direction indicator
Valve (fuel or oil) Cock
Weight empty Tare
Windshield Windscreen
Wing Main plane

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